First Nations


Kogent has material experience advising First Nations, and other groups on economic and strategy issues. These range from public and private debt/equity issuances to M&A, RFPs, PPPs, governance, stakeholder and specific First Nation concerns. Kogent has experience with:

First Nations’ project(s) involvement, including negotiation of ownership and subsequent financing requirements
Structuring First Nations participations, including Impact Benefit, shareholder, LP, and other governance agreements
Interpreting and preparing project financial information including cash flow projections, IRRs, milestones, and risk parameters
Aligning FN benefits with sponsor and project interests/milestones to achieve the desired outcome


As an extension of Kogent’s advisory services, or on a standalone basis, we will structure and arrange financing for First Nations’ requirements by:

Accessing our strong contact base with financiers and government entities, to ensure optimal First Nation economic benefits
Co-ordinating and preparing materials for various stakeholders (FN, funders, government, sponsor/developers etc.) to expedite the application, due diligence and funding process
Recognizing the interaction of any FN financing with the requirements of the sponsors senior/project debt, and the need to structure accordingly
Utilizing our expert financial analysis, and presentation of the financial implications to the First Nation
Performing ongoing FN governance, project tracking and loan administration services